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Our trained and qualified technicians have over two decades of experience servicing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing residential and commercial sprinkler systems. For any sprinkler start-ups, winterizations, or service calls (repairs or maintenance), we give our customers a two-hour appointment window so we can serve everyone in a timely yet efficient manner.

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Our technicians will walk customers through the entire process of any services being done and will answer any questions. The technicians will also make recommendations but will not complete any additional work without the consent of the customer. Our trucks and staff are equipped with the latest technology in the industry to ensure fast and effective service that exceeds expectations. For spring sprinkler startups, repairs and installations, call today for a free quote on new irrigation systems.

Spring Start-Up

When Spring finally arrives, it is time to start your system back up. After starting up your irrigation system we would check for necessary repairs. Checking the system would include: energizing the irrigation system for the spring, setting up spring programming, replacing the battery in controller (if necessary), adjusting and checking the sprinklers precipitation rates and balance as needed.

Mid Season Check Up

Adjust controller for mid-season weather conditions, check rotations of sprinkler heads, and check system pressure to ensure no leaks.



Winters in Michigan are known to be so brutal that the ground freezes after being covered with snow for months on end. That is why taking care of your irrigation system of any size is important. Any water left in your irrigation system can cause all kinds of damage.

When you get winterized by Progressive Irrigation you are insured a safe and professional service to get your system ready for the harsh conditions of winter. We evaluate the system while shutting it down and make notes on where the system may need some adjustments come Spring-time. 

The Importance of Winterization

– Pipes can crack if they freeze when full of water, as well as pipe fittings

– When water thaws the cracks in the system send water inside the house causing floods or leaking water

– When Spring comes you may find a swap in your yard due to a burst pipe underground

*The Triple Play Irrigation Program does not include any parts or additional labor if needed.